Thinking of putting in new trees? Here are some tips to get your started:

  • Select the proper variety for the site. You should consider ultimate height and width. Be sure to allow proper distance from all structures. Be mindful of the existing soil and grade.  Evergreens cannot swim.
  • Leave a root zone from the trunk to the grass. This allows oxygen to pass and helps avoid mechanical damage from mowers and weed whippers.
  • Proper irrigation. Newly planted trees need to be monitored. Weather plays an important role as does soil type.
  • Provide mulch as warm weather approaches.  Trees like their feet in the shade. Use a proper source of controlled release fertilizer when planting.
  • Mechanical damage. Do not allow weed whipping or mowers to damage the base of your tree. A telltale sign is a half-moon shaped scar at the base of your tree that appears harmless but affects the tree’s ability to take up nutrients. When planting, be sure to use proper techniques for staking.  Tree ties applied improperly will eventually cause “girdling” a condition that constricts the trunk. An irreversible and damaging condition that weakens the integrity of the tree.

Drip irrigation system in Camarillo

Mowing grass carefully around trees.

Camarillo home with mulch in landscaping.