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Invasion of Ambrosia Beetles

The following article was written by Michael Eatough Jones & Tim Payne, Department of Entemology, UC Riverside, and John Kabashima, UC Cooperative Extension, Orange & LA Counties. The ambrosia beetle and fusarium complex represent a real threat to trees in Orange and Los Angeles County, especially in areas such as Beverly Hills, Belair, and [...]

2018-07-18T07:38:41-07:00July 18th, 2018|Pests|Comments Off on Invasion of Ambrosia Beetles

Scientists Work to Define Threat from Palm Weevil

South American Palm Weevil By Kevin Hecteman; reprinted from Ag Alert Southern California, which in recent times ejected the red palm weevil, has a new problem to ponder. It's the South American palm weevil, which has arrived in the San Diego area from Tijuana and likes to dine on palm trees -- [...]

2017-04-21T14:20:53-07:00April 21st, 2017|Uncategorized|Comments Off on Scientists Work to Define Threat from Palm Weevil

Five Free Tips for your Trees

Thinking of putting in new trees? Here are some tips to get your started: Select the proper variety for the site. You should consider ultimate height and width. Be sure to allow proper distance from all structures. Be mindful of the existing soil and grade.  Evergreens cannot swim. Leave a root zone from the trunk [...]

2017-03-27T07:56:35-07:00April 24th, 2015|Tree Healthcare, Trees|Comments Off on Five Free Tips for your Trees

Mulching Helps Your Garden Grow!

Using mulch around your landscaping beautifies, protects, and retains precious moisture. Right now is an excellent time to apply a layer of mulch over the soil in your garden. Mulch, which is often just chopped bark or other plant detrius (dead material), is defined as any soil covering. It is a multi-purpose protective [...]

2017-03-27T07:56:38-07:00March 24th, 2015|Landscaping|Comments Off on Mulching Helps Your Garden Grow!

Citrus Tree Care

Citrus trees are subtropical plants that can survive temperatures of twenty-eight degrees for short period and can be one of the best trees to grow in the arid southwest. Since many of the commercial growers extend from Southern California to Phoenix, and the surrounding areas have been growing citrus here for over one hundred years, [...]

2015-04-23T19:00:14-07:00March 24th, 2015|Citrus, Tree Healthcare|Comments Off on Citrus Tree Care

Fire Blight

In spring, when trees begin active growth, symptoms of fire blight may appear. Fire blight affects only plants of the roseacea family. When a flowering shoot of an apple, cotoneaster, crab apple, hawthorn, pear, pyracantha, rose or photinia dies suddenly and likes as though it has been scorched by fire, fire blight is the probable [...]

2015-04-23T18:55:29-07:00March 24th, 2015|Tree Healthcare|Comments Off on Fire Blight

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Trees and shrubs (especially shade trees) benefit from an annual or at least biennial fertilizer applications. If your trees have been very slow growing or if the foliage is very sparse they may need fertilization. A good way to determine when your plants need fertilizer is by checking the leaf color. If the leaves are [...]

2015-04-23T18:49:01-07:00March 24th, 2015|Tree Healthcare|Comments Off on Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Pine Bark Beetles (Borers)

Pine Bark Beetles are small reddish-brown beetles about 1/4 to 1/3 of an inch long. They are able to fly; they reside in trees and can be found at many altitudes around the world. Though they prefer live trees, they can and will feed on freshly cut stands when readily available. Pine bark beetles are [...]

2017-03-27T07:56:39-07:00March 24th, 2015|Pests|Comments Off on Pine Bark Beetles (Borers)

Tree Removal Fact Sheet

Although regrettable, sometimes tree removal is necessary. This is no job for do-it-yourselfers; a professional should remove large trees, as guide ropes and mechanical equipment may be required for removing large limbs before felling. It is important to choose a company with the experience & equipment to do the job safely and it is [...]

2017-03-27T07:56:39-07:00March 24th, 2015|Trees|Comments Off on Tree Removal Fact Sheet
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