At Camarillo Tree & Landscape, we specialize in new construction and renovations, hardscape, arbors and lighting. Our courteous, professional crews will leave your property looking absolutely beautiful. We are water-conscious and strive to use native, drought-resistant plants and trees, and experts and high-efficiency drip-line systems that place water only where it will do plants and trees the most good. Here are some examples of our work:

Professionally landscaped pool area in Camarillo

Professionally landscaped backyard in Camarillo

Professionally landscaped patio area in Camarillo

Native wildflowers used in landscaping in Camarillo

Lawn ornaments used with drought-resistant native wildflowers in Camarillo

Drought-resistant native wildflowers in Camarillo landscaping

Professional landscaping in Camarillo, California

Drought-tolerant camellias in Ventura County landscaping

Professional landscaping surrounds an arbor in Camarillo

Camarillo landscaper

Professional landscaping crew working in Camarillo, California

Ventura County landscapers working on a drought-resistant plant display.

A professionally planted tree blossoms in springtime.


A manicured tree at a business park in Camarillo.

Professionally landscaped business park maintained by Camarillo Tree Service

Drought-resistant landscaping by Camarillo Tree Service

Professional landscaping in Thousand Oaks, California

Drought-tolerant landscaper in Camarillo

Lawn care and landscaping by Camarillo Tree & Landscape

Beautiful flowers add color to our clients' landscaping.

Drought-tolerant plants surround the pool area of this Camarillo patio.

A Camarillo home with pool, spa, and covered patio is accented by professional landscaping by Camarillo Tree & Landscape

A gazebo patio cover in Camarillo

Pool and spa with landscaping features in Camarillo, California

Poolside patio area with landscaping features.

Professionally landscaped home in Camarillo features a fieldstone walkway.

Poolside patio area is enhanced by professional landscaping by Camarillo Tree & Landscape

A beautiful red rose enhances the landscaping of this Camarillo home.

Roses are drought tolerant and enhance the beauty of Camarillo landscaping.

Drought-resistant roses beautify this Camarillo home's landscaping.

Bougainvillea is naturally drought-tolerant, especially once they are established.

Professional landscaping by Camarillo Tree & Landscape adds curb appeal to this Camarillo home.

Lush landscaping brings out the natural beauty in this Camarillo home.

A winding path makes its way to a beautifully landscaped gazebo in Camarillo, CA.

A professionally manicured tree adds beauty to the landscaping of this Malibu home.

This barn in Ventura County looks even better with professional landscaping.

A bird fountain is enhanced by flowers in this beautifully maintained Camarillo yard.

Drought-friendly landscaping in Camarillo

Drought-friendly landscaping in Camarillo, California