We’re called “tree surgeons” for good reason! We use the latest technology to nourish and care for your trees and landscape, including:

Ventura County Tree Healthcare
  • Deep root fertilization of trees and shrubs using Ferterra® to replace deficient nutrients in your soil (vertical mulching available).
  • High-tech injections or spraying of trees
  • Treatment of all insects including all borers such as Pine and Oak Beetles
  • Treatment of disease such as Fire Blight
  • Fruit elimination
  • Tree Removal
  • Proper Citrus Tree Care
  • Professional Mulching techniques
Spraying trees to kill pests like Pine Beetles and Oak Beetles in Ventura County

Recognizing potential problems with your trees can save your trees from needless loss or damage to your home and property. Click on the following examples to learn more:

This mulberry tree cracked because of poor speciman selection from the nursery.
Improper watering led to this tree drying out and splitting.
Sycamore trees, which are native to California and need little water, are susceptible to stress and damage. This tree shows signs of over-watering and lateral damage.
A large branch from this eucalyptus tree broke and landed on a neighbor's tile roof, causing substantial damage and expensive repairs. This photo shows the tree after Camarillo - Moorpark Tree Service performed corrective pruning to re-balance the tree.
Deep root fertilization aerates the soil around your trees and shrubs, allowing for penetration of water and life-giving nutrients.
Pine Bark Beetles are small, reddish-brown beetles about 1/4 to 1/3 of an inch long. They are able to fly; they reside in trees and can cause substantial damage to trees in Ventura County.

It’s inexpensive to keep your trees in good health, but costly to replace them. Contact us for details!

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