Trees are one of the most valuable elements to a landscape, usually the first items selected in a landscape project. Their beauty greatly enhances the architecture of any structure. They provide shade and the needed backdrop for foreground plantings.

Sometimes we take these trees for granted and years go by with no thought or care, but trees need to be trimmed regularly for optimum beauty, enjoyment, and safety. Tree pruning removes deadwood and allows regeneration of new growth and restores proper shape. Overgrown trees encourage rodents and pests. Branches touching structures allow entry of these rodents into attics where their destructive ways can be costly. Law enforcement agencies highly recommend that trees and shrubs be kept pruned and thinned around your home to discourage burglars.

When you hire Camarillo Tree Service for your tree care, your trees will be pruned to Arborist standards. Branches and laterals are selectively pruned and cuts are made to be minimally noticeable. Care is taken to protect surrounding plants and structures, and all debris is removed and hauled away. Stump grinding is also offered.

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